Schaezlerpalais, staircase (photo: Bea Breunig)
Garden of the Schaezlerpalais (Foto: Felix Weinold)

Visitor regulations

Welcome to the Kunstsammlungen & Museums Augsburg, the museum association of the municipal museums! We look forward to your visit and wish you a pleasant stay. In order to make your visit to our houses as pleasant as possible, we have drawn up visitor regulations that are binding for all guests.

Opening times and admission
You can find out the admission prices that apply in our houses at the ticket offices of our museums and exhibition houses. You can also find further information on our website and in our quarterly programme.

Access to our museums is only permitted with a valid admission ticket (day ticket/annual ticket, receipt in the Leopold-Mozart- and Brechthaus), which must be shown to the supervisory staff on request. The admission ticket is non-transferable and we will not replace it if lost, and it is also not possible to take it back. Children under the age of ten, groups of children and school classes must be accompanied by at least one responsible supervisor (e.g. parents, grandparents, kindergarten staff, teaching staff) when visiting our museums.

Visitor service
For information about exhibitions and guided tours, information about opening hours and other questions about your visit to the museum, our visitor service is available from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on T +49 (0) 821-324 41 12 or In particular, all offers of our art and culture mediation can also be booked here. The visitor information in the Leopold-Mozart-House (T +49 (0) 821 450 79 45, and in the Brechthouse (T +49 (0) 821 454 08 15, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. provide information on questions regarding these two museums.

Please leave large handbags, backpacks, carrying frames, luggage, umbrellas and other bulky items, as well as wet rainwear, in the wardrobes of our museums. At the wardrobe you will also find a board that gives you information about the maximum permitted bag size. We also offer lockers in some houses for safekeeping, which can be used for the duration of your stay with us. No liability is assumed for the wardrobe.

Notes and lost property
We would be delighted if you have any requests, ideas or comments about our exhibitions and services. You are welcome to write them down in our visitor books or tell the cashier. Items found in our houses should be handed in at the gate or to a supervisor. We pass on all found items to the municipal lost and found office in a timely manner.

Behavior in the exhibition rooms
So that you and other guests have a pleasant stay in our houses, we would like to ask you to observe a few rules of conduct: It is not permitted to touch the exhibits; This also applies to the sculptures exhibited in the Maximilianmuseum (including the Viermetzhof) and in the Roman Camp in the Zeughaus, as well as to the historical furniture in the Rococo ballroom of the Schaezlerpalais. Exceptions are marked. Please behave considerately towards other guests in our exhibition rooms. Parents and group leaders who are responsible for supervision are responsible for ensuring that children and young people behave appropriately.

Drinking, eating and smoking are not permitted in our showrooms. The garden of the Schaezlerpalais is an exception to this. For reasons of conservation, animals are not allowed in the exhibition rooms, and other guests could also feel disturbed by animals, for example because they are afraid or are allergic. Bringing assistance animals such as guide dogs is allowed with prior notification to our visitor service.

Our supervisory staff has the task of ensuring that the house rules are observed. For this reason, we ask you to follow the instructions of the supervisory staff.

You are welcome to take photos for private use, but only without a flash and without a tripod. The use of selfie sticks is prohibited. For legal reasons, please refrain from publishing your private recordings on publicly accessible media (printed matter as well as internet or social media sites). Photographs for commercial, scientific or similar purposes require written approval from the Press Office of the Kunstsammlungen & Museen Augsburg. Wedding photos can be taken in the ballroom of the Schaezlerpalais by prior arrangement with our office. The fee for this is to be paid at the museum cash desk.

Use of the garden in the Schaezlerpalais/wedding receptions
The garden of the Schaezlerpalais is open daily and is generally available to everyone free of charge as a place to relax. We ask you to behave considerately here as well and not to tear down any plants, branches, flowers or fruit and to leave the garden in a clean condition after your stay.

Wedding ceremonies are not possible in the building or on the grounds of the Schaezlerpalais. The same applies to political rallies of any kind.

You are welcome to use the rococo garden and the rococo ballroom of the Schaezlerpalais for wedding photos. Please note that these shootings are subject to certain rules and require registration. To register, please contact the Secretariat of the Kunstsammlungen & Museums Augsburg. 

The scattering of rice, confetti, etc. throughout the Schaezlerpalais, including the garden, is not permitted. It is also strictly forbidden to bring balloons into the exhibition rooms, including the ballroom.

Due to the corona pandemic, the elevator construction site and the sculptures in the garden, receptions are currently not possible in the garden of the Schaezlerpalais.

Behavior in case of emergency
In case of an emergency, we ask you to remain calm and follow our staff's requests to leave the building. Please use the marked escape and rescue routes. Rescue facilities are also marked.

Liability/Supervisory Personnel
We draw your attention to the fact that visitors are liable for any damage caused by their behavior. In the case of repeated violations of the visitor regulations or the instructions of our staff, further stay in our houses can be prohibited. In this case, the entrance fee will not be refunded.

Augsburg, April 2022

Dr. Christof Trepesch
Director of the Kunstsammlungen & Museen Augsburg