Johann Philipp Thelott -
From Augsburg to Frankfurt

11.11.2022-12.02.2023 at Grafisches Kabinett

The exhibition is dedicated to Johann Philipp (1639-1671), a hitherto largely unknown scion of the prominent Augsburg Thelott family. Access is provided by his fragmentary workbook, which has been preserved in the municipal archives of the small town of Grünberg in Upper Hesse and whose existence only became known a few years ago. In it, he documented his work from 1665 until his early death in Frankfurt, the leading book and publishing city in the Old Empire at the time. 

Thanks to this extraordinary source, it was possible to make accessible his considerable oeuvre, which includes numerous portraits as well as title copies and illustrations of theological, historical, legal, and scientific works and of Schwank and comedy literature. 

The workbook also allowed the reconstruction of his commissions. This not only gives his artistic personality more contour, but also allows him to be located in the personal networks of publishing booksellers and book printers as well as in the life and knowledge worlds of the time.