A special treat The fine honey of the Schaezler-bees
is available in the museumshops
of the Schaezlerpalais and Maximilianmuseum

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Café of the Schaezlerpalais (Foto: Marion Waldmann)

Shops & Cafés

Di–So 10–17 Uhr

Are you up for a cappuccino? 
Our nice little museum cafés in the Maximilianmuseum and in the Schaezlerpalais cordially invite you to do so. They also offer a variety of cakes and small dishes as well as a selection of drinks. In the cozy atmosphere, museum visitors are just as welcome as city flaneurs who would like to relax undisturbed in a pleasant atmosphere between shopping trips. In the Schaezlerpalais, the walls of the café and the neighboring Liebertz Room also display a wide variety of exhibitions. Daily newspapers are also available.

Are you looking for a small gift?
You can discover them in the museum stores. There is a selection of art books and catalogs on current and past exhibitions. Also to be found is a wide range of postcards, small gifts and souvenirs. Museum stores are available in the Maximilianmuseum, in the Schaezlerpalais, in the Römerlager in the Zeughaus, in the H2 in the Glaspalast as well as in the Leopold-Mozart- and the Brechthaus.

Hello Fairtrade!
Regio Augsburg Tourismus GmbH has developed its own sustainable product range with "RENAISSANCE - start again". The design comes from the Augsburg artist Natalija Ribovic. From T-shirts to bags to drinking bottles - all objects are exclusively available in our museum stores and the tourist information. More about the product series "RENAISSANCE - start again" >>>

Would you like a jar of Schaezler honey?
Schaezler honey is also available in the Schaezlerpalais store: a bee colony with its home in the rococo garden of the Schaezlerpalais diligently collects nectar and pollen for it from March to October. The bees, living on the upper floor of the former chicken house, are on the move within a radius of 2 to 3 kilometers. 50 to 70 kilograms of honey are produced from them every year.