ceiling fresco from Gregorio Guglielmi im Rokoko-Festsaal des Schaezlerpalais
Maximilianmuseum (Photo: Andreas Brücklmair)

About us

The Kunstsammlungen & Museen Augsburg are a association of the municipal museums in Augsburg. The first municipal museum in Augsburg was the Maximilianmuseum, founded in 1855 and named after king Maximilian II. of Bavaria. 

Today, eight institutions and the city archaeology department can be found in the association:

With its permanent and special exhibitions, the Kunstsammlungen & Museen Augsburg reach around 300.000 visitors every year. In addition, we organise more than 1.000 events such as guided tours, art and cultural education activities and concerts.

Although our exhibitions are the most high-profile part of our tasks, the museum's work includes other areas as well:


In this sense, the Kunstsammlungen & Museen Augsburg take care of the objects entrusted to them - from the beginnings of human history to the present day. The tasks of the city archaeology department include the rescue, recovery, conservation and scientific processing of all finds and findings in the city area.

The Kunstsammlungen & Museen Augsburg have been conducting provenance research since 2001.