TRAUMAPORN Pt1 Door © Boris Eldagsen and Tanvir Taola

Trigger warningAn artistic conference on war, trauma and AI

11/23-2023/11/26 at Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus

Boris Eldagsen & Tanvir Taolad

In the context of the project, Boris Eldagsen is showing his art project "TRAUMA PORN", which he describes as an "experimental installation that deals with the psychological long-term consequences of war. Photographs from Nazi Germany and the Second World War serve him as source material for AI-generated and -edited image worlds.

The starting point for the work, which began three years ago, were the traumatic flashbacks of Eldagsen's father, who went to the front at the age of 16. To compensate for his bias and to bring out the timeless aspects of the visual material, Eldagsen teamed up with the artist Tanvir Taolad from Bangladesh.

The art project will be accompanied by artist talks, lectures and discussions. 

Programme for the art project "TRAUMA PORN":

Cordial invitation to the vernissage of the installation "Trauma Porn" by Boris Eldagsen in collaboration with Taolad Tanvir on Thursday, 23 November, at 7:00 pm

With a welcoming address by Jürgen Enninger, Head of Culture, World Heritage and Sport of the City of Augsburg, a welcome by Dr Thomas Elsen, Director of the Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus and an introduction by art historian Dr. Petra Bopp.

Lecture and artist talk on Friday, 24 November, from 5:00 pm  

The artist Boris Eldagsen will give a talk about his work and AI at 5:00 pm. This will be followed by an artist talk at 6:00 pm. Dr. Petra Bopp (Hamburg) and Andreas Langen (Stuttgart) will talk to Boris Eldagsen about his work and his project "TRAUMA PORN".

Discussion with Boris Eldagsen, Prof. Erna Fiorentini (KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) and students on Saturday, 25 November at 2:00 pm. 

Final discussion on the art project "TRAUMA PORN" on Sunday, 26 November at 3:00 pm 

Dr. Petra Bopp (Hamburg), Prof. Stefan Bufler (Augsburg), Beate Passow (Munich) and Prof. Dietmar Süß (Augsburg) will discuss the final part of the art project "TRAUMA PORN" with the artist Boris Eldagsen (Berlin). Dr. Thomas Elsen will moderate the event.