© Kunstsammlungen & Museen Augsburg, Composing: Waldmann & Weinold
© Kunstsammlungen und Museen Augsburg, Foto: Marion Waldmann


at Halle 1 – Raum für Kunst im Glaspalast

PaintingPhotography examines artistic concepts at the intersection of photography and painting. The blending and overlapping of the two spheres has long since generated transitions that are superficially barely perceptible, and not only on a technical level...

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Ida Paulin
Glass art made in Augsburg

at Schaezlerpalais

This comprehensive exhibition is dedicated to the Augsburg glass painter Ida Paulin (1880-1955). As a master in the refinement of glass products, but also of products of the porcelain industry, she designed countless decorations and pictorial motifs in her Augsburg studio, which she produced in series with several female employees...

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75th Great Swabian Art Exhibition


in Halle 1 – Raum für Kunst im Glaspalast

For the 75th time artists from the region, curated by the BBK Schwaben-Nord and Augsburg as well as the BBK Allgäu/Schwaben-Süd, show their works to the public at the end of the year....  

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Römerlager im Zeughaus
The roman Augsburg in boxes

Römerlager im Zeughaus

After the Roman Museum was closed indefinitely, a new exhibition of known and unknown objects was put together. Under the title "Roman camp - the Roman Augsburg in boxes" we are showing great and impressive finds in seven subject areas.

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Exhibits and installations on childhood and adolescence, life course and works


Bert Brecht's birthplace in Augsburg's Lechviertel has been a memorial site since 1985. Here you can immerse yourself in the life and work of the poet and playwright. The craftsman's house "Auf dem Rain 7" is sandwiched between two Lech canals. Eugen Berthold Friedrich Brecht was born on February 10, 1898 on the upper floor of the...

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Mozart up close


Augsburg played an important role for Leopold Mozart throughout his life. He received his musical and humanistic education from the Jesuits. Later, he established intensive contacts with Protestant businessmen. Go in search of traces in the German city of Mozart! The "Leopold Mozart House" offers a Mozart experience of a special kind: A museum to listen, feel and participate together...

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